They talk around it. It’s easier that way. They always talk in code, just like Jensen is always the one to come to him and never the other way around. Jared had been the one to end it, the one to grow up first, although it hadn’t actually been an end. It had been more of an ellipsis, a to be continued. So Jensen comes to him. He has to be the one who makes the choice. It’s their strange, backward way of somehow making things fair.

Anonymous: hi! i was wondering if you have a link to the fic where jared is underdage and persuades older jensen to sleep with him and then jensen gets arrested..? thanks either way! :)

Not sure, but this fic might fit.

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Jared and Jensen at the TCAs 2007 & 2014

Anonymous: I was curious if you could help me find two fics? The first was a well written J2 in which Jensen was an actor and the Armageddon was canceled. I believe Jared was a transplant to LA and an architect who had helped JA not get beat down during a riot. The second was JA was an actor, set in San Antonio,TX, met JP after the latter collided with the former on the street. JP owned a pet store, was super exuberant and a bit klutzy(???). It was sort of similar to the Notting Hill AU fic. Thanks!!!

The first one is Apocalypse: Cancelled and the second is That’ll Give You Bees.

Hope that helps!

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It’s a completely different day, but the guy’s still sitting hunched over in the exact same place and pose as when Jared last saw him. Jared decides right then and there to think of him as a very attractive piece of furniture instead of a bitchy bunkmate.

Anonymous: hi! i found a fic that could've been on here before and i can't find it again. it was about jared taking a drink called glimpse and suddenly waking up and he's married to jensen and they have kids? that's all i can say as i didn't finish it haha. thank you!

You’re looking for Lingering in the Golden Gleam :)

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Anonymous: found this fic on ao3 a while back where jared worked in a club and his father was in prison and jensen was like this gang boss or sth¿ he said he'd protect jareds father in trade of sex

That’s golden_cyborg’s amazing wip: Red Like Blood In Veins of Blue.

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Jared and Jensen lamenting each other’s lost superhero roles [x / x]

Anonymous: I miss you guys!! D; <3

Sorry about being a bit m.i.a. recently, but we’re back now!

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It’s as innocent as it can be and well-meaning and fun like everything between them always is.