Every inch of skin on his body seems to be alive with sensation, and Jared’s hands spasm once before reaching out and grabbing the alpha’s jacket. Jared is wet, embarrassingly so, and he pulls the alpha in and takes a deep breath somewhere in the realm of his sternum.

J2 + having fun together in Austin [x/x/x/x]


"You want me to tell you?" Jensen asked and Jared nodded, still biting his bottom lip. "Okay, spread your legs for me and lean forward against the headboard. That’s good." Jensen ran his hands up and down Jared’s flanks, and moved to kneel behind Jared as he spoke.

If Jensen didn’t know better he could have sworn that the kid was flirting with him. Jared had to be feeling the effects of his heat starting to kick in by now. He knew full well that Jensen was an alpha but he didn’t seem to be shying away from him at all.


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Anonymous: ): miss u guys

So sorry, we’re back now, though!

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“But Gen, he wears glasses and sweater vests and has freckles, serial killers don’t have freckles. Why would God even do something like that?”

I’m part praying mantis and part useless left hand. [x]

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Eight days go by. Eight Jared-less, sunshine and laughter-less days… Jared got one whiff of black coffee and stilted conversation and probably thought ‘no thank you’ and headed for the hills.
Anonymous: There was this fic I read a while ago that I can't for the life of me remember the name of but there was scene that made me bawl for like 79802 hours where Jensen has this major crush on Jared so he goes to his mom for moral support and Jared has no idea so he calls Jensen to tell him about his engagement/marriage and Jensen just breaks down in tears and Momma Ackles just /knows/ and ugh I'm sooo sorry I can't remember more but I just love your blog!

Sorry this took so long to figure out. Sounds like this part of the Just One Breath ‘verse.

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