"You know, they have such a… special relationship, I’m not sure I can… you know, they’re just so close.” - Lauren Cohan

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“Turns out, we weren’t so compatible,” he shrugs, hand sliding further up Jared’s leg. Jensen is somehow managing to look like everything is totally normal above the table. Maybe it is for him, but Jared’s not used to hot guys feeling him up during dinner.

Jared shudders, feels Jensen’s eyes on him like a physical touch, caressing his skin from his cheek down to his neck, to his chest and exposed stomach, the red waistband of the plaid skirt, which does nothing to hide Jared’s growing hard-on, to his naked legs, following them all the way down to the red high heels.

Sometimes, Jared gets the clothes before Jensen’s mama can wash them. He doesn’t know why he likes that they still smell like Jensen, but he does.

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so I decided to make a J2 sideblog. It’s basically a blog where I just post J2 stuff 24/7. Maybe some of you awesome people might be interested in checking out my new blog, so I made this little post. There are a few links at the bottom of this post, just in case you want to look through the blog or you want to check out the tags or idk. So yeah, have fun, enjoy and yeah :3

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“The girls liked to gossip about how handsome you were, about how—” He blushed a little. “They liked that you were a Warrior. They thought you would be… be fierce in bed. Like a dragon.”

I don’t do relationships, he says, not an apology but a simple statement of fact.

“Well, aren’t you a pretty sight for sore eyes,” Jensen says with a chuckle, that stupid sex bomb voice of his low and raspy from the weed.


It’s not much, but it’s Jensen, and Jared will take whatever he can get of him. Even if it’s just a high intensity kiss once a week. He’ll fucking take it gladly, even if he’s dying on the inside for more.