“You’re mine. Even when you’re acting, even when you’re Sam,” he whispers, guttural. His tongue paints a line over Jared’s mouth, hand clutching with brutal pressure around Jared’s wrists. “You belong to me.”

The night doesn’t go exactly like that. Jensen spends the night watching movies in bed, sure, but he does it with Jared passed out against his shoulder. His boyfriend fell asleep somewhere around hour two, curled around Jensen with his head resting on Jensen’s shoulder and his hand on Jensen’s heart.


Anonymous: Hi!! Love your blog! I was just wondering if you know a fic where jared is kind of a loner in highschool then his boyfriend jensen transfers there. After jen transfers a lot of people get jealous and also i remember jared had a few problems at home because he caught his dad cheating or something. Thanks so much :)

That’s fatebegins’ wonderful fic, I’ll Be.

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Anonymous: Hi! Do you know of any fics where the boys role play w incest?

Here’s a list of fics where J2 roleplay as Sam and Dean :)

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“Nice to meet you,” he drawled and offered Jared a hand, giving the boy yet another reason to nearly topple over with want. Jensen’s fingers were thick and calloused.

Jared comes back to awareness when Jensen hauls him upright. The room is filled with pale, natural light, and the last thing Jared remembers is dark lit from the hallway. A week might have passed for all he knows, but the pain throbs new and sharp.


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He loves to put his hand over Jared’s mouth and pound into him hard from behind, loves to lift him up off the bed or the floor or the couch with the force of his thrusts and he loves to hear Jared’s high-pitched mewls when he lands in just the right spot. He loves to keep Jared open with thick, probing fingers when Jensen’s all fucked out and Jared still wants more.

Anonymous: Hey! I'm looking for a fic in which JP is a playboy business man who has JA agree to be his BF. In return, JA agrees but wants to transfer to NYC and a promotion. Sort of a'billionare Harlequin' type of story, but cute and sexy. Thanks!

That sounds like Business and Pleasure :)

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